Hospitals in Boston have been cautioned against the use of robotic surgical systems by physicians who have not been adequately trained or for procedures that the system is not approved for. Aggressive marketing of expensive robotic surgical systems have fueled a competition among many hospitals in Massachusetts to include them in their offerings to patients.

The rising number of patients complaining of injuries post-operation prompted the state’s warnings to the medical community. However, for some patients such as the case of a woman whose bowels were damaged during a hysterectomy, the warning has come too late, and their only recourse was to get compensation with the help of a Massachusetts robotic surgery error lawyer.

Recalls of medical products or devices are seldom voluntary; it is mostly when the damage has been done that the pharmaceutical or medical device company is forced to make a recall, and even then there is no clear-cut admission of fault. Even when settlements are being made or a court awards damages to a plaintiff, the concerned company does not admit to any wrongdoing.

This is the case with the Stryker hip implant defects that affected thousands of patients who were implanted with the device before findings that it failed prematurely, requiring a replacement, and caused serious injury to boot because of its defective design. Stryker Corporation had reportedly agreed to settle cases for an undisclosed amount, although it estimates that it may cost the company as much as $1.3 Billion.

The main function of recalls is to spread the word among those who may not be aware of the medical dangers of these products. If you have already suffered serious injury but was not aware that a medical product or device had caused it, this may be the time to check for recalls or warnings from regulatory bodies such as the Food and Drug Administration or the state equivalent. If you believe you may be owed compensation, consult with a personal injury lawyer in your area before the applicable statute of limitations runs out.