News flashes about car accidents are everywhere, and some are pretty horrific. In Texas, an 8-month-old in a stroller was killed when a car crashed into a pickup truck while making a left turn at a little after 9 in the morning.  In California, an impaired driver killed two adults and two children while in Iowa, a collision between a car and a motorcycle resulted in the death of the motorcycle operator and serious injuries to the passenger.

It is no wonder, really, as vehicular accidents account for 22% of deaths in the US, and is the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 5 and 34. In Houston, another child died in a hit-and-run, this time while a passenger in a car, when a driver lost control of his vehicle and hit the car and a pickup truck. The hit-and-run driver when found will not only face civil litigation but also the state prosecutor for serious criminal charges.

Despite the serious consequences of car accidents, it seems that people continue to underestimate the potential dangers of being on the road as a driver or as a pedestrian. The costs of car accidents extend further than medical expenses, loss of income, and physical disability; there are often deep and long-term emotional and psychological issues that radiate beyond the victims. In Irvine, 4 high school students died when the vehicle they were in hit a tree and caught fire on Memorial Day, and the event had a deep impact on all their families and friends.

Two more teenagers were involved in a single vehicle crash in Cedar Rapids, this time with a telephone pole, resulting in serious injuries. Depending on the results of the investigation and severity of the injury, the 19-year-old passenger hurt in the crash may have to consult with a Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyer to recover damages from the driver’s insurance company.