Ways to Mitigate Bicycle Accidents

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The AAA’s Bicycle Safety tips highly advise all bicyclists of all age to protect themselves by wearing a helmet during rides, but there are also other ways for bicyclists to possibly prevent catastrophic injuries in accidents that often translate to hefty financial loss.

According to the website of  Russo, Russo & Slania, P.C. in Louisiana, some states, like Louisiana, have created several laws to protect bicycle enthusiasts from other vehicles while on the same roadways. Protective bicycle helmets are enforced to bicyclist children age 12 and below. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTHSA), bicycle crashes and injuries are lessened by wearing properly fitted helmets for children and older bicyclists. Vehicle drivers are required to exercise due care when passing or overtaking a bicyclist who is going to the same direction. Dooring laws are also created to prevent bicyclists from accidentally crashing open doors of vehicles. Though state laws are created, bicyclists can do other things to possibly protect themselves from serious or fatal injuries.

Aside from helmet use, bicyclists may also wear other protective gears like eye protections, hand gloves, shoes, or padded shorts to possibly lessen impact injuries during crash. Before going out for a ride, make sure that all bicycle parts are properly working and check for any parts that are unusually loosen. Bicycle parts like brakes, cables, wheels, or the frame itself should be thoroughly inspected before use. Bicyclists should also use lighting accessories for them to be easily seen by other vehicles while on the road especially when riding during night times.

In unfortunate situation that a bicyclist has been injured in a vehicular accident, it is important that he or she should consider working with a skilled personal injury lawyer. Bicyclists who suffered brain damage or concussions in accidents may consider filing for damage claims. In some states, bicyclists who have been injured in accidents may possibly get treatment funds even if they are at fault in the accident.

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The Young and Car Accidents

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News flashes about car accidents are everywhere, and some are pretty horrific. In Texas, an 8-month-old in a stroller was killed when a car crashed into a pickup truck while making a left turn at a little after 9 in the morning.  In California, an impaired driver killed two adults and two children while in Iowa, a collision between a car and a motorcycle resulted in the death of the motorcycle operator and serious injuries to the passenger.

It is no wonder, really, as vehicular accidents account for 22% of deaths in the US, and is the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 5 and 34. In Houston, another child died in a hit-and-run, this time while a passenger in a car, when a driver lost control of his vehicle and hit the car and a pickup truck. The hit-and-run driver when found will not only face civil litigation but also the state prosecutor for serious criminal charges.

Despite the serious consequences of car accidents, it seems that people continue to underestimate the potential dangers of being on the road as a driver or as a pedestrian. The costs of car accidents extend further than medical expenses, loss of income, and physical disability; there are often deep and long-term emotional and psychological issues that radiate beyond the victims. In Irvine, 4 high school students died when the vehicle they were in hit a tree and caught fire on Memorial Day, and the event had a deep impact on all their families and friends.

Two more teenagers were involved in a single vehicle crash in Cedar Rapids, this time with a telephone pole, resulting in serious injuries. Depending on the results of the investigation and severity of the injury, the 19-year-old passenger hurt in the crash may have to consult with a Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyer to recover damages from the driver’s insurance company.

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Other Construction Site Accidents

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It is common knowledge that construction sites are dangerous places for workers because of the nature of the work. It is one of the most prevalent causes of debilitating injuries, on par with car accidents. According to the website of SC lawyer Goings Law Firm, LLC, there are times, though, when these two factors combine and result in a whole new set of dangers for construction workers and motorists alike.

Road construction work zones spring up whenever maintenance or repair work is needed, and this usually entails elaborate precautions such as warning signs and hazard lights. This is because unlike other types of construction work, roads cannot be closed off while the work is ongoing, so vehicles continue to pass. Unfortunately, construction crews sometimes fail to provide adequate warning signs, drivers fail to observe these warning signs, or drivers choose to ignore them, leading to one work zone accident every 14 minutes in the US. A majority of the total work zone accidents occur during the day. Lots of roadway repair projects are done over the summer months, so it is important that people observe extra caution during those months to reduce the risks of harming a road worker.

While a majority of these construction site accidents involve property damage only (69%), a significant number entail injuries (30%), and some fatalities (546 in 2010).  Most of those injured were construction workers. For 2010, for instance, 20,000 out of the 37,476 injured were members of the road crew.

The number of work zone accidents is directly proportional to the number of work zones in an area. A state like Massachusetts, for example, whose road conditions are not top of the trees, road work crews are quite frequent in the major roads of the state. This may mean more work for Massachusetts car accident lawyers, but hopefully just for property damage.

However, for those who are seriously injured or killed in a road construction site accident, it would be a complex issue to prove causation in order to get compensation. It is recommended that in such situations, competent legal representation experienced in personal injury or wrongful death cases is retained to handle it.

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