Symptoms of Mesothelioma

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Exposure to the once widely used building material, asbestos, has now been linked to causing the cancer Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a fatal cancer that is most commonly seen in industrial workers who inhaled asbestos fibers. Although Mesothelioma is a deadly and dangerous cancer, the symptoms can be hard to spot and are often confused with less serious illnesses.

Common symptoms of Mesothelioma are dry cough and wheezing, chest pain, fever, and weight loss. However, the symptoms can vary based on the kind of Mesothelioma. The most common type is Pleural Mesothelioma and affects is the lining of the lungs and chest wall. The inhaling of asbestos fibers can cause fluid buildup along the lungs. This type is associated with the symptoms of coughing, reduced chest expansion, shortness of breath, and pleural effusions, which is the buildup of fluid between the tissues that line the chests and lungs. These symptoms can all occur at once, but usually occur in small stages, leading to individuals not raising alarm at them.

Another kind of Mesothelioma is Peritoneal mesothelioma which affects the lining of the abdomen. Individuals suffering from this experience abdominal swelling, loss of appetite, weight loss, hernias, and fatigue. Although less common than pleural mesothelioma, this kind can be just as fatal.

According to the website of Williams Kherkher, pericardial mesothelioma is one of the rarest forms of mesothelioma and affecting the lining of the heart, thickening it. Symptoms include difficulty breathing and chest pains.

Testicular mesothelioma is the rarest form and can be the hardest to detect, as the only common symptom found is a lump in the testes. There is no other recognized symptoms of this type of mesothelioma.

Although there are symptoms of mesothelioma, they are often misdiagnosed by doctors not used to dealing with mesothelioma. It can be misdiagnosed as bronchitis and pneumonia, leaving symptoms to become worse. Some symptoms may even take years to become serious enough for individuals to suspect something serious. This is one of the reasons the disease can be so fatal to those exposed to asbestos over prolonged periods of time.

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Injuries because of Medical Mistakes

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Many people forget that they are made up of simple bone, muscle, and tissue – all fragile elements wound up together to make human beings. It has been said that people are all equal once six feet under the ground – and it is also true for medical instances as well.

One mistake from a physician could mean a lifetime’s worth of pain and suffering of another. All it takes is a single slip up to completely turn around the life of a person from something with potential to something that they must suffer through until death. That is why doctors and medical practitioners everywhere are expected to act with a certain sense of honor and responsibility whenever dealing with something as precious and irreplaceable as a human life.

Should any medical professional act with negligence towards their treatment of a patient and this negligence has the consequence of injury, that patient is warranted to file legal action for compensation against the guilty party. Such actions can have devastating effects on not only the patient’s life but also the lives of those closest to the patient.

For example, if a patient were to undergo a procedure that deals with the brain and the surgeon makes a mistake due to giving the wrong diagnosis (or having his readings be contested by another physician and yet going through with the procedure anyway, or due to another matter entirely), and as a result – the patient is paralyzed. This is a serious injury that the patient must then suffer – and then imagine even more the so the pain to know that that patient was a construction worker, or someone whose profession relied upon movement like ballet dancing or professional driving. Such an incident can garner medical expenses as well as a serious loss of wages. This does not even begin to touch on the psychological and emotional trauma that a serious injury that this can have on a person.

If you or someone you know has been injured due to the negligence of a medical professional, do not hesitate the contact a professional legal expert immediately, in order to know your rights and best next move after such an incident.

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Elder Abuse

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Elder abuse can take on many forms, with physical abuse being the most common and often noticeable form. Because of their fragile physical and mental state, many elders that are either in nursing homes or are living on their own, become victims of abuse. One of the most common yet not well-known forms of elderly abuse is financial exploitation. Although it is rampant, this type of abuse has not been well documented. There is reportedly an estimated 5 million cases of elderly financial abuse in the United States every year, but the sad news is that cases such as these are only reported 1 in every 25.

What makes these elderly people vulnerable to financial fraud can be attributed to a number of factors, all of which are taken advantage of by scam artists or people of ill nature. People who take advantage of the financial state of the elderly are often looking for those who are generally isolated, those who have recently become a widow or lost their partner, the elderly suffering from a physical or mental illness, and those who are not familiar with handling their own finances. Although most of the scam artists are strangers to the victims, even those who are close to the victim can commit the financial abuse. These people include family members and friends, lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, bank representatives, and even nursing home workers. It is difficult to catch these people because they often make the transactions appear legal, and often result to manipulating the elderly to give them the money.

Despite being a new and still evolving law, elder law is made to protect the elderly from any type of abuse. Furthermore, many states have their own laws regarding the protection of the elder’s money and property, and anyone who is proven to have illegally or falsely used an elderly’s finances or property will be charged since this is considered a crime.

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Earthquake Strikes Wine Makers Hard

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A recent earthquake in California left vineyard owners crying over spilt wine. The seismic shrug, the hardest that has occurred in the area in the last quarter of a century, struck wine-center Napa Valley the worst. To add insult to injury, the area was just on the brink of bringing in an early harvest to stave off damage done by the worst drought to strike in decades.

Aside from direct property damage, the 6.1-magnitude earthquake resulted in the injury of more than 170 people and started several fires. It is estimated that the quake would eventually total up a bill of more than a $1 billion once the dust settles.

California is prone to earthquakes because there are more than 100 active faults running through the state; it lies squarely in the path of the Mendocino Triple Junction, San Jacinto and San Andreas fault line, the last of which is where the Pacific and North American Plate rub shoulders in a horizontal motion (also known as a right-lateral strike-slip in geological terms). These faults have been there longer than Californians have been around, so earthquake damage is an eminently foreseeable, even inevitable event. And yet according to the California Earthquake Authority, only an average of 1 in 10 residents in the state has coverage for earthquake-related property damage. In the Napa Valley area, where the most recent earthquake struck hardest, only 6% of residents had earthquake insurance coverage.

This could partly be due to the fact that earthquake insurance coverage is not required of property owners, and it can be an expensive rider to the typical homeowners’ insurance, averaging out to about $860 a year. It may also be because the infrequency of major event lulls residents with a false sense of security; thousands occur every year, but most are so small that they are hardly felt. The most expensive earthquake in US history occurred twenty years ago in Northridge (6.7-magnitude), a community in Los Angeles, California. Between the Northridge and Napa Valley events, 28 notable earthquakes occurred, ranging in magnitude between 4.4 and 7.2, many of which occurred in remote or unpopulated areas, minimizing the damage.

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The Forum Selection Clause in case of Cruise Ship Accidents

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It is an incontestable fact that spending a holiday vacation in an exotic destination is a perfect treat for any individual, much more if the travel is made on board a cruise liner. Sea travel has never been truly more fun and exciting since after 1980, when the cruising industry undertook improvements, which included construction of bigger cruise ships and the addition of more features and facilities that will make even the stay on the ship itself an experience worth repeating over and over.

While many cruise liners now can accommodate up to 3,000 passengers on a single travel, some have been designed big enough to house between 4,000 and 6,000 guests. And the facilities, well, depending on how big the ship is, some or all of the following may be enjoyed by the passengers:

  • Tax and duty free shops
  • Bars, pubs and nightclubs
  • Hair and beauty salon
  • Aqua healthspa fitness
  • Gym, basketball courts, pool tables, ping pong tables, and other sports facilities
  • Casino
  • Cinema
  • Indoor and/or outdoor swimming pool with water slides
  • Buffet restaurant
  • Library
  • Boot camp
  • Internet and email access
  • Medical centers staffed by registered nurses and doctors

But, while each passenger is guaranteed to have his or her share of fun and excitement, the question regarding safety while on board and during cruise ship excursions, continues to be a major issue. This safety issue can very well be considered as the major reason for the passing of the Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act of 2010, also known as the Cruise Passenger Protection Act – to protect the millions of passengers (annually) who spend time out in the high seas on board cruise liners.

Cruise ship accidents can be due to natural or human reasons and these may happen on board or off it, specifically during shore excursions and related activities (outside of the ship’s premises), such as zip line, scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, shopping and dining on land, tours and visits to islands, archaeological explorations and others. When a passenger gets injured off board, however, he/she can be faced with a lot of complicated issues, such as where to file a complaint and the allotted time (statutory period) for filing the complaint – this is besides the complex issue of who should be the recipient of the lawsuit, the owner of the cruise liner or the owner of the company (if separate) that provided the tour.

Since majority of cruise lines state in their cruise-ticket contract a forum selection clause, which is a stipulation of where maritime lawsuits ought to be filed in the event of an injury (which is the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida), this means any lawsuit should be filed only in this court, regardless of the territory where the accident took place, the port where the passenger boarded the ship, or where the injured victim resides.

The Vucci Law Group, P.A., which is composed of experienced legal professionals with extensive experiences in handling cruise ship injury cases, would able to help victims address all legal concerns as well as provide a good argument that will uphold victims’ rights and interests.

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